Star Parties

Come out and bring the kids for a mind expanding look at the universe!

The City of San Carlos Department of Parks and Recreation and the San Mateo County Astronomical Society have open Star Parties twice a month. These events are held in Crestview Park, San Carlos California.

Dates and Sunset times are below. Note that inclement weather (clouds, excessive wind and showers) will cause the event to be canceled without notice.


For more information send an email to or call Ed Pieret at (650)862-9602.

Reasons to Attend
  1. If you have kids interested in space or planets bring them here for a real life view of planets, nebula, star clusters and galaxies.
  2. If you are thinking of buying a telescope or want help using a telescope you own, come here to talk with experienced users.
  3. If you think you might have an interest in astronomy come and talk to experienced amateur astronomers. 

 Crestview Park Schedule 2014

Setup will begin at sunset and observing about one hour after sunset.  In the event of inclement weather (rain, clouds, fog or excessive wind)  the star party will not to be held. Because each astronomer makes his or her own decision about bringing their telescope, there is no official cancellation notice.

If you would like help with setting up a telescope or would like to learn about telescopes, come at sunset.  If you would just like to see the universe through a telescope, come at about one or two hours after sunset.


Sunset Time

January 4, 2014



January 25, 2014



February 1, 2014



February 22, 2014



March 1, 2014



March 22, 2014



March 29, 2014




If you attend a Crestview Star Party there are some general rules that apply so that everyone can enjoy the event and no expensive equipment is damaged.

  1. In order to see well it is essential that light be kept to a minimum.  Even brief flashes of white light can ruin night vision for 15 minutes or more.
    1. You should not need a flashlight but if you bring one be sure it is dim and covered with a red filter
    2. Park your car so that the headlights, back-up lights or door lights do not intefere.  At Crestview this means parking on the street and walking in.
  2. Star Parties are always quiet events. Please be respectful with cell phones and refrain from loud music. Control the natural enthusiasm of your children.
  3. Telescopes and other astronomical equipment are expensive. Be careful and never touch one without permission.
  4. Never use spray products near a telescope since the spray, even if it is just water, can damage the optics.